Friday, November 21, 2008

Get Yr Riot On

I'm raging after the latest p2p news to hit the webs, if you're as understandably pissed off as i am here is some inspiration in typically french style!

Legal Action Taken Against Soulseek In France

It seems after 7 years the greatest music file sharing community has landed on the radar of the piracy police....

The industry bodies argue that Soulseek, an application created by former Napster programmer Nir Arbel, is designed to permit unauthorized access to copyrighted works. According to a French law adopted in 2006, distributing such software is an offense that can lead to a 3 year jail sentence, as well as a fine up to 300,000 euros.


Here is the official word from slsk on the forum:

our court date on the 13th of nov. was with the SCPP, and we still have yet to hear about the results of that! keep your fingers crossed


well the best case scenario is that they drop the case in france, which would force them to properly pursue us in the US. we have no employees or subsidiaries in france, so it seems rather ridiculous for them to sue us there. however, with this new ruling (mentioned above) it is possible that the case will not be thrown out due to non-jurisdiction, as it may have been a week ago.

if it IS thrown out, since french copyright law is different from US copyright law, it would take quite a bit on their part to comply with the DMCA in the same way that we do (the DMCA requires that all parties involved comply in a certain manner before a legal pursuit). the theory is that the SCPP, SACEM, and SPPF will not actively pursue american companies on US soil because let's face's a pain in the ass.

the worst case scenario is that we lose, they win, and are able to pursue us more easily in the US. the reason why we sought representation in france is because if the SCPP were to win a default judgment due to us not representing ourselves, they could easily get a judgment against us in the US. at least if we put up a fight, it shows the US courts that we are actively defending ourselves on foreign soil...which shows that we have nothing to hide. also if they win, they will most likely be awarded a monetary sum by the french court, which they would not be able to collect unless we show up in france for some that would mean that it would be very dangerous for either of us to go to france, which is a shame.

in addition, they will cut off all french users from soulseek...they have done it with other p2p networks.

our case is supposedly a landmark case in france, and we have what is considered to be the best representation in the p2p world there, Hugoavocats. unfortunately, they are not very forthcoming with information after each hearing, so i still do not know the outcome of the trial. apparently judgment is handed down 2 to 3 weeks after arguments are heard, so let's see what happens. as i said before, keep your fingers crossed...this will mean a lot for french p2p users and p2p networks that have users in france!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008



3LW - Playas Gon Play

The hit maker
The playas gon' play
Them haters gonna hate
Them callers gonna call
Them ballers gonna ball
(Let 'em know)

I, I don't mind (ha)
What people say or do (nah, nah)
But I, I do mind
What you believe is true
You are the only one
Getting all my love
Cuz what they do (what they do)
Ain't nothin' new

1 - Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate
Ballers, they gonna ball
Shot callers, they gonna call
There ain't got nothin' to do
With me and you
That's the way it is
That's the way it is

So-called friends
Don't wanna see me with you
Behind your back
Callin' my cell and pager too
No matter what they do
I will stay true
Only to you
Only to you

Repeat 1

I want you to know (I want you to know)
I'll never let you go (I'll never let you go)
We gotta talk about everything you hear
Cuz I know that it ain't true
You can trust my love
And I can trust yours too
Our love will be forever, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Little Women
They gon' ball shorty
They gon' play shorty
That's how they do shorty
We comin' through shorty
The hit maker shorty

Playas gon' play


Playas gonna play (uh)
Haters gonna hate (right)
That's the way it is (yeah)
That's just how it's been (let 'em know, let 'em know)

Playas (Little Women y'all)
And haters (9 lives y'all)
Playas (the hit maker y'all, woo)
And haters

Playas gonna play (oh, oh)
Haters gonna hate (yeah,yeah)
Ballers gonna ball (oh, oh)
Callers gonna call

The Original

u luv it

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Collective Intelligence

Found a few nice resources relating to the collective wisdom of the crowd.

MIT's Collective Intelligence Wiki


Harvard's Group Brain

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movers and Shakers - Duke Magazine's 3rd Annual Dance-Off


CHECK out some cool moves at Duke's 3rd annual dance-off.

Direct Download Video

Let's Get Krump!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Someone is wrong on the internet!

moments before posting on fieryemails...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Demonoid... the resurrection?

The frontend of Demonoid is still hosted in the US, together with the popular Subdemon forums. Interestingly, the tracker - which has been offline for months - is now hosted in Malaysia, and has started to respond again, approximately 30 hours ago.

It is of course not clear what this all means, but without an official message from the Demonoid team, speculation has started. Could it be that the site has found a new host, and preparing a return? Many former Demonoid members are secretly hoping that this is indeed the case.

It's back! Well anytime now. As i predicted in an email to the head of PBI.

Now where did i back up that cache of torrents...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Squatfest 2008

my submission

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reverse Memory Loss

More brain stuffs.

Scientists performing experimental brain surgery on a man aged 50 have stumbled across a mechanism that could unlock how memory works.

The accidental breakthrough came during an experiment originally intended to suppress the obese man's appetite, using the increasingly successful technique of deep-brain stimulation. Electrodes were pushed into the man's brain and stimulated with an electric current. Instead of losing appetite, the patient instead had an intense experience of déjà vu. He recalled, in intricate detail, a scene from 30 years earlier. More tests showed his ability to learn was dramatically improved when the current was switched on and his brain stimulated.


wiki: Deep_brain_stimulation

Autism in a pill

Apparently the ability to unleash and banish the Daniel Tammet in us all is only just around the corner...

Over the past year, researchers have demonstrated several times that they can turn mice autistic by messing with brain chemistry -- and then "cure" them using the same techniques. The discoveries could lead to a scenario similar to the one in Vernor Vinge's novel A Deepness in the Sky, where people are given a brain treatment called "focusing" that essentially turns them autistic and makes them obsessive, detail-oriented workers.

It might also lead to recreational autism, where people who want to take a break from having messy emotions about other people decide to unplug and enter a state where human relationships are no more important than inanimate objects.

Read about how scientists can induce autism [PNAS] and how they can cure it [BBC News].


Daniel's blog:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Australian girl switches bloodtype after liver transplant

An Australian girl spontaneously changed blood groups and adopted her donor's immune system after a liver transplant, in what doctors treating her said Thursday was the first known case of its type...

"It is extremely unusual -- in fact we don't know of any other instance in which this happened," Stormon told AFP from the Children's Hospital at Westmead.

"In effect she had had a bone marrow transplant. The majority of her immune system had also switched over to that of the donor."

An article on the case was published in Thursday's edition of the leading US medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine.

Weed via ATM only in LA