Monday, August 31, 2009

SCAMWATCH : How to spot a rigged ATM

Autoamated teller machines (ATM's) are frequently being targeted by data thieves using card skimming devices in combination with video capture and surveillance and mobile technologies. The card skimming devices are often moulded around the ATM card slot to collect account information stored on the bank card's magnetic strip, while victims are monitored via video capture systems or remote surveillance on or in close proximity to the ATM documenting your passwords and Personal Identification Number (PIN). So how do you identify an ATM with a card skimming and pin capturing device attached?

photo : An ATM skimming device discovered at Thirroul.
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Card "skimming" (is) one of the fastest-growing scams, estimated to be costing Australian consumers, businesses, credit card companies and banks more than $100 million a year. via:

The information surrounding organised card skimming operations was quite sensitive up until recently. Due to the frequency of card skimming operations targeting Australian Banks and ATMs, It was deemed that the slide show released by the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) depicting various card skimming and surveillance techniques employed by organised crime syndicates was of more value in the hands of the consumer.

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